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Tailored Coverage for Your Lennar Home

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Seamless service to insure new Lennar homes

After purchasing a Lennar Home, you need to protect your home and the things that matter most. Lennar Insurance Agency provides the tailored insurance coverage you need for your new home at a highly competitive price.

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Lennar’s homes are pre-rated, which means we quickly secure a policy that fits your home. And since we’re familiar with the policy and location, you can have coverage as innovative as your new home
in just a few minutes.


Save Time

Since your home is pre-rated, we’ve already secured a personalized quote for you. In just a few minutes, we can help you purchase your policy, saving you valuable time.


Save Money

We’re able to include discounts that help lower your premium. Things like your home security system and HOA membership are saving you money on your policy.


Modern Coverage

Your Lennar home’s updated electrical and plumbing systems mean your policy includes broader protection and higher coverage limits.


Secure Policies

We work with top-rated insurance partners who hold the risk on policies. All are rated 
“A- Excellent” or better by A.M. Best, the gold standard of our industry, which means your policy is secure.