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Tailored Coverage For Your New Lennar Home

We built it well. We know it well.

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The simplest way to insure your Lennar home

Now that you've purchased your Lennar home, we can get you the home insurance policy you need. Lennar Insurance Agency makes it simple: We know your home inside and out - after all, Lennar built it - so we provide a tailored policy, customized specifically for your home. Plus, since our policy is designed for new home construction, we can secure a competitive price from one of our top-rated insurers, helping get you one step closer to holding the keys to your new home.

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Three great benefits to get you one step closer to home sweet home


Competitive Pricing

Lennar Insurance Agency offers policies specifically designed for new home construction, something hard to find with other insurers. This could save you an average of 25% or more on your home insurance premium.


Tailored Coverage

We built the home and have all the details needed to create a customized insurance policy with just the right coverage for your new home.


Simple Process

Home insurance applications can be over 70 questions. We pre-fill the answers so there are no additional steps or credit checks required, and prepare a policy for you that is ready to be reviewed and signed in minutes, not days.

Lennar Insurance Agency makes its home in Irving, Texas and serves customers across the country.

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